2G and 3G systems have minor impact on coronavirus spread: research

… a 2G or 3G system – restricting access to events and locations on the basis of vaccination or test status – will not have much of an impact on the current surge in coronavirus cases

research carried out on behalf of the health ministry

… 2G in all locations apart from schools and work, would reduce the R ratio … by less than 10%

… 3G everywhere apart from schools and work, would only cut the reduction rate by 5.4%

… neither measure is enough to get the reduction rate under 1

… the Omicron variant of coronavirus is more infectious. The researchers took 1.8 as their base rate

… The IG situation, in which everyone is tested for entry, would be more effective and cut the reproduction rate by 45%

… It is not possible to get the R rate below 1

Kuipers … report to parliament so that MPs can include the findings in their deliberations on three pieces of legislation which would make 2G an option in the Netherlands