A Mom’s Research (Part 1): Nordic Countries Aren’t Socialist Paradises

… between 1870 and 1936, Sweden’s growth rate was the highest among industrialized nations

… It’s the culture, along with free-market capitalism and the rule of law, that has made the Nordic countries prosperous

… Scandinavians became accustomed to high taxes and generous government benefits

… bigger government, and therefore higher taxation

… a “fiscal illusion” in which a large portion of taxes is indirect or hidden

… half of the respondents believed that the total taxes amounted to around 30–35% of their income

… including consumption taxes, was around 60%”

… “Sweden is the world champion in ‘jobless growth’”

… on Swedish businesses reached more than 100 percent of their profits

… between 1950 and 2000 … from 7 million to almost 9 million, net job creation in the private sector was close to zero

… “employee funds” were introduced in Sweden

… the system was abolished before it could turn Sweden into a socialist economy

… realized that welfare reform is inevitable, except Norway

… from 2006 to 2012, the population supported by government benefits decreased to 14 percent from 20 percent in Sweden

… young Swedes employed in Norway increased by more than 20 times

… The reforms lead to greater economic freedom, stronger incentives for work, and less reliance on government welfare