“Aggravation and resistance, the unknown risks of the vaccine”

… there are several health risks that have not been entirely ruled out by the pharmaceutical companies, such as disease aggravation and vaccine resistance

… is documented that there are vaccines against SARS that have not been registered for this very reason

… Unfortunately, it will be necessary to wait for vaccinated people to become infected in order to know the incidence

… animal became infected anyway and could therefore transmit the virus, i.e. the vaccine was not sterilising

… to protect 13 people from the disease we have to vaccinate 1000

… were tested mainly in the summer, i.e. at a time when the epidemic was already over and therefore the vaccinated were no longer exposed to the virus

… These are the same techniques used to make GMOs

… also been shown to have virus fragments integrated into its DNA in the cells of people who have developed Covid

… there is a lack of studies carried out to accurately verify the incidence of this potential adverse reaction

… the development of new autoimmune or degenerative diseases 

… must be demonstrated … with oncogenicity studies. We do not really know how long these vaccines are able to remain in the body and whether they distribute themselves in the various organ

… If these antibodies are weak, it is very risky, because it favours the strengthening of the disease, especially if one is vaccinated close to the infection

… there is already a lot of literature … are able to form mutant populations

… the RNA viruses form a population of mutants in the body of the infected person that compete with each other and those that do not bind to the vaccine antibodies will be favoured. This can lead to the development of mutants that may even be more contagious and aggressive