Belgium euthanasia law broken, says academic study

… “toward a broader use of euthanasia for an ever wider variety of indications”

… “regardless of their stance on the ethical justifiability of euthanasia in general”

… “used to cover tiredness of life”

… to circumvent the law by diagnosing “polypathology”

… “In 2019, polypathology represented 17.4 percent of all reported euthanasia cases and a staggering 47 percent of all reported nonterminal euthanasia cases” [ Rapport euthanasie 2018-2019 ]

… “the attending physician who can perform it even against the (negative) advice of the consulted physicians”

… approve euthanasia “without any involvement of a psychiatrist”

… a number of the doctors on the Commission perform euthanasia themselves and they often end up examining each others cases

… “We must be able to choose the right to die not only when we are suffering in an intolerable way but also when our lives are fulfilled”



                  Rapport euthanasie