Blessing of gay unions: Vatican says “No”, but a problem remains

… “The presence in such relationships of positive elements, which are in themselves to be valued and appreciated”

… if these elements are connected to the homosexual relationship, they are not positive

… Let us give some examples using this situation as a starting point: John and James are a homosexual couple

… everything that flows from this condition – including homosexual affections – is itself disordered

… is wrong because any cause – whether proximate or ultimate – which is objectionable is sufficient to render the entire action illicit

… all actions that strengthen the couple’s relationship … are morally objectionable

… must also be applied to all other non-sexual acts characterised by homosexuality

… neither can those “elements” that strengthen the couple’s relationship or directly express homosexuality likewise be blessed  (“appreciated/valued” to cite the two verbs used by the CDF)