BNT162b2 vaccine breakthrough: clinical characteristics of 152 fully vaccinated hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel

… The risk for poor outcome, defined as a composite of mechanical ventilation or death, was assessed

… 152 patients were included, accounting for half of hospitalized fully vaccinated patients in Israel

… Data are lacking on the nature of breakthrough infections with COVID-19 vaccines

… by 26 April 2021, 397 fully vaccinated patients were hospitalized in Israel with PCR-proven COVID-19

… 234 of them had severe COVID-19 and 90 died

… the study period (18 January to 20 April 2021)

… The median time elapsed from the second dose to admission was 39.5 days

… A comparison of baseline risk factors between the groups did not identify any statistically significant differences

… The mortality rate in the cohort was similar to that in unvaccinated hospitalized COVID-19 patients

… the dominant circulating strain in Israel was B.1.1.7, with an overwhelming percentage

… a disproportionate risk for BNT162b2-vaccinated individuals to be infected with B.1.351, with an odds ratio of 8:1 compared with unvaccinated individuals