… How long do we have until the end of the world?

… “The next decade will be decisive.”

… “We’ve reached our limit”, said the Pope. We must reverse “this path of self-destruction.”

… 79 predictions of the ultimate destruction of the world due to climate change have been recorded  [ International Journal of Global Warming ]

… 48 of these predictions have already expired, and nothing of what was forecast has turned out true

… “many of them were announced as being certain about the date”

… 2009 … “just 100 months to save the world”  [ The Guardian ]

… performed a sort of countdown at all of his public addresses

… July 2017, the date of his projected apocalypse and, well, nothing happened

… 2019 … “The next 18 months,” he said,  “will be decisive.”  [ BBC ]

… it serves to impose a series of catastrophic policies

… Earth Day’s first slogan was in fact “population pollutes”  [ Basta Bugie ]

… every month from now on, 11 power plants a month will have to be shut down or converted to zero-emission plants (even if, as of today, there is no technology capable of doing this)  [ Roger Pielke jr ]

… in the meantime climate alarmism justifies ever greater state intervention in the economy and restricts the freedoms of citizens



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