… Covid death rates have reached record highs in New Zealand

… despite high levels of vaccination

… the country’s current mortality rate is twice as high as the U.K.’s

… four times higher than the U.S.

… Once held up as evidence that it is possible to suppress the virus

… the nation nicknamed a ‘hermit kingdom’

… the population was largely vaccinated, with eight in 10 people now double-jabbed

… Since then, the virus has spread

… Experts told that previously low levels of infection in New Zealand due to strict Covid curbs

… is behind the high fatality rate now 

… only delayed “inevitable” infections that could have built-up immunity

… five people per million in New Zealand were dying with Covid every day

… up by a third from the previous high of 3.68 in March

… The U.K. is recording two deaths per million people each day

… despite up to one in 15 people being infected

… U.S. is suffering just one Covid fatality for every million people

… the number of deaths being high despite vaccination and the mildness of Omicron does raise serious questions about the effectiveness of vaccination