CURING the pandemic of MISINFORMATION on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

… several new pharmaceutical agents have been administered to billions of people worldwide

… including the young and healthy at little risk

…Considerable leeway has been afforded in terms of the pre-clinical and clinical testing

… despite an entirely novel mechanism of action

… In the non-elderly population the “number needed to treat” to prevent a single death runs into the thousands

… a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalised from COVID-19

… Pharmacovigilance systems and real-world safety data

… coupled with plausible mechanisms of harm

… are deeply concerning

… especially in relation to cardiovascular safety

… a significant rise in cardiac arrest calls to ambulances in England was seen in 2021

… similar data emerging from Israel in the 16–39-year-old age group

… It cannot be said that the consent to receive these agents was fully informed, as is required ethically and legally