CURRENT society and Nazi Germany: Holocaust SURVIVOR draws PARALLELS

… when people are obeying authority mindlessly

… about what goes into their own bodies

… I think back to that time

… Under the Nazi regime, Sharav said, medicine was weaponized, as it has been today

… Though the Jews were the primary target, she said, the first medically murdered victims

… were disabled German infants and children under the age of 3

… later expanded … to the disabled of all ages, including the mentally ill and senior citizens

… be rid of what their propaganda called the ‘economic burden.’”

… The banality of evil is the normalization of mass murder by making it a bureaucratic routine

… handed down as orders through the chain of command to the person who pulls the switch, gives the injection, or turns on the gas

… “No one called it murder,”

… The Jews were called ‘spreaders of disease,’

… not unlike the epithets thrown at those who didn’t take the jab

… Throughout 2021, the spread of COVID-19 was blamed on “the pandemic of the unvaccinated,”

67 percent of Down syndrome children are aborted in the United States

… The Hippocratic Oath goes out the window

… The pledge to “do no harm” got replaced with allegiance to “the greater good,”

… policies that advocate for the many over the individual is to open the door to medical practices that will cause harm

… with the help of advanced technology—society is sliding down rapidly

… compared to the snail’s pace that it took for Hitler to implement his “Final Solution,”

… Today, the ‘Final Solution’ is the reduction of the entire human population under the ‘Sustainable Agenda’ of Agenda 2030

… Unlike the physical camps that required ink tattoos for identification and guards to manage the prisoners

… the new prisons are digital, Sharav said, managed remotely by surveillance through smartphones

… With smart technology, you can manage billions all at once

… an elite ruling class that is godless, believing only in what is measurable and controllable

… God’s true light protects those who believe

… Stop watching mainstream media, Sharav said. “They’re all reading from the same script. They have bombarded people with fearmongering, which is exactly the same thing that the Nazis did. That’s how they controlled the population: through fear … Resist. Wake up. Stop obeying