… it was the consensus among earthlings that their planet was located at the center of the universe

… considering his God-given dignity, to be enthroned at this honored position

… incompatible with the grandeur of the human being. But the real diminishment of man was yet to come

… removed a providential God from the picture of creation and replaced him with chance

… that bore an historical kinship with the protoplasm of the one-celled amoeba

… dismissed God. In his place he installed an historical dialectic

… the individual person has no particular importance in himself

… is not a spiritual being and religion is nothing more than a neurosis

… are not free. They are the by-product of unconscious feelings and societal pressures

… the notion of the human being has gone through four stages of diminishment in the modern world

… “man is, in various ways, passive and plastic to the pressures of his surroundings”

… “whenever any particular branch of science attempts to give answers of universal validity”

… disprove the existence of God, nor can it solve the mystery of creation

… a progressive assault on the human race

… It is racism against the human race