Death rate from variant COVID virus six times higher for vaccinated than unvaccinated

… The death rate from the Delta COVID variant is six times higher among those who were fully vaccinated

… Twenty-six people died among 4,087 who were fully vaccinated

… 34 deaths among 35,521 positive Delta cases among the unvaccinated

… 2.0 percent of vaccinated individuals (84 of 4,087) … admitted to hospital

… compared with 1.48 percent of unvaccinated individuals (527 of 35,521)

… This is reminiscent of the ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) phenomenon that has been seen for other vaccine

… ADE blighted previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines

… coronavirus vaccines alter the ways immune systems respond to infection

… massive vaccination campaigns may accelerate the rate at which the vaccine-resistant mutant strains become dominant among all the SARS-CoV2 [coronavirus] strains.” 



          Public Health England – 18 06 2021