“Even an ignorant like me knows that there are abortions that have nothing of immoral”


… “If you are undergoing a vaccine with cells from aborted fetuses, what I will not do is say that it is immoral, when even an ignorant person like me knows that there are abortions that are immoral and have nothing”

… everyone in the Church knows that there are abortions on which, in no way, can a negative moral judgment fall

… Theoretically, I can condemn the woman, or her environment, deliberately causing an abortion. But that is the theory, the pages of a book are not the pages of life, and therefore I cannot condemn it. Never

… It is this world that worries me and makes me laugh to see that there are people who worry about hell and heaven

… To worry about those things is to have no faith

… to be constantly hammering away with the issue of abortion, which has possibly caused an increase in supporters of abortion