Experimental vaccines or cures? The enigma of the EU Regulation

… What if those doctors who treat patients without giving up or putting all their hopes in the vaccine are right?

… an old drug, Niclosamide, an anti-parasitic, has been shown to inhibit viral replication

… another anti-parasitic drug could be the solution to treating Covid

… managing to block this process driven by the spike protein [ Nature ]

… already known to be active against some viruses

… the activation of platelets, and could therefore also explain why 70% of patients with severe Covid-19 develop thrombosis

… A veto that affects – coincidentally –  old, very low-cost drugs

… drastically reduce the mortality rate of Covid, making it a disease like many others

… If there are valid treatments, the Committee must revoke the authorisation, according to Article 4(2) [ Regulation EC 507/2006 ]

… announced in emphatic and prodigious tones: it is a brand new antiviral, “the drug that could save the world”

… “Sorry, we tried” would be the explanation. Medicine is conducted on trial and error





                      Regulation EC 507/2006