Germany bans killing chick embryos because they feel pain, but still allows abortion of humans

… forbidding the killing of six-day old chick embryos since they are “sensitive to pain,”

… killing chicks because of their sex

… ensuring that the chick embryos do not feel any pain

… “We are pioneers worldwide.”

… “When the chicken embryo enjoys more [protection of life] than the human embryo, you know you’ve arrived at the best Europe ever.”

… At eight to nine weeks, unborn babies have developed eyelids, and hair has begun to appear

… ninth and tenth weeks, the baby can do somersaults, jump, squint against light, frown, and swallow

… 11 and 12 … The face has a definite form and unique characteristics, and taste buds have emerged

… feel sensations beginning at 12 weeks. Abortions at this time result in excruciating pain for the babies as they are ripped from their mothers’ wombs



          Fetal pain – Scientific Evidence