“How I diverted the shots against John Paul II”

… May 23, 1981, 5:17 p.m. Rome, St. Peter’s Square. But also Fatima. And Santa Croce sull’Arno

… to meet Padre Pio, who visited her in his own way, in bilocation

… 26 May 1949, Sister Rita in bilocation visited the Hungarian Cardinal and returned with the postcard

… ‘Our Lady and I diverted the Pope’s attacker with our own hands’

… in that sentence there was no mention of any obstruction that Alì Agca had come up

… “A circumstance was reported that was completely unknown at the time”

… “someone violently grabbed my arm, preventing me from continuing to shoot at the target”

… Father D’Anastasio revealed it only after her death (1992), as the nun had expressly requested

… statements rule out the possibility that it was she who grabbed Agca’s arm

… that someone has never been found, has never come forward, and has not been identified in any photo or video recording

… No one has admitted this feat, except the cloistered nun, Sister Rita Montella