“I will not be intimidated into hiding my faith” – free speech case concerning former Finnish minister continues


… former Minister of the Interior and serving Member of the Finnish Parliament, Päivi Räsänen, faces her third police interrogation

… the Finnish Prosecutor General suspects her of “ethnic agitation”, a crime punishable with up to two years of imprisonment

… “I will defend my right to confess my faith, so that no one else would be deprived of their right to freedom of religion and speech

… I will not back down from my views.I will not be intimidated into hiding my faith”

… “What would Jesus think about homosexuals?”

… Criminalizing speech through so-called ‘hate-speech’ laws shuts down important public debates and poses a grave threat to our democracies

… create a culture of fear and censorship and are becoming all too common throughout Europe,” said Paul Coleman, Executive Director of ADF International

… started in June 2019, when Räsänen directed a tweet at the leadership of her church and questioned its official sponsorship of the LGBT event “Pride 2019”

… a pamphlet she wrote 16 years ago on human sexuality for a Christian foundation



                  pamphlet – Male and female He created them