Italy begins enforcing one of the world’s strictest workplace vaccine mandates, risking blowback

… Italy pushed into new territory for a Western democracy

… dramatically reshaping society

… a new requirement for entering and earning a paycheck

… the mandates are also beginning to separate society into different tiers of freedom

… The new society is one in which the vaccinated reprise their lives

… the unvaccinated face a choice: Either they get immunized, or they risk losing their incomes

… the ability to dine indoors, attend a concert, see a movie or board a high-speed train

… It is far from clear what kind of new social norms will emerge by the end of the pandemic

… Italy was the first Western democracy to enforce a full-on lockdown

… Mario Draghi, has even suggested the possibility of a first-in-the-Western-world universal vaccine mandate

… Italy is in a new phase of trying to understand … what level of control society might be willing to accept

… he bump in new first doses has been modest since the workplace policy was decided last month