LGBT: TARGET Being Sued After Hemorrhaging $14 BILLION

… in April 2022, spent $50,000 for 216.50 shares of Target

… By April 2023, the value of Craig’s holdings fell to $34,839

… $28,896 by June 14 — in the middle of Pride Month

… Target was in the middle of a boycott triggered by a collection

… Target’s “board of directors betrayed both Target’s core customer base of working families and its investors”    [ Complaint for violation ]

… “led to its disastrous 2023 children-and-family themed LGBT Pride campaign.”

… “to serve its divisive political and social goals — and ultimately lose billions.”

… Federal law requires publicly-traded corporations to provide certain information to shareholders

… that allow those shareholders to make informed decisions

… Target failed to execute its duty to its shareholders

… Since introducing the PRIDE apparel, Target has lost $14 BILLION in market value


            Complaint for violation