‘Lockdowns destroying families’: Trump’s new COVID adviser irks Fauci, CDC


… is openly critical of what until now has been pushed as the official COVID-19 narrative. He has claimed that “partial truths” are being disseminated. “I think it’s very damaging,” Dr. Atlas said

… Dr. Atlas advocates opening schools and society while protecting the vulnerable and avoiding hospital overcrowding

… Recent CDC stats show … 70 and older have a stated 94.6% survival rate

… this number likely overestimates COVID-19 fatality because of the extremely high rate of comorbidity and other unaccounted-for factors

… The way to calm fear is to actually know the data and explain it very clearly and logically

… CDC data showing that “ER visits for Covid and Covid-like illnesses are nearly back to baseline from a year ago

… They key is protect the high risk people, so that people don’t die

… Prolonged lockdowns are destroying families, actually killing people from skipped medical care



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