Meet the country with the world’s most robust pro-family agenda

… Lifetime income tax exemption for women with four or more children

… Three-year paid maternity leave

… US $35,000 interest-free loan for women under 40 getting married for the first time

… has three children, the loan is forgiven

… three or more children are eligible for a government grant of US $9,000 towards the purchase of a seven-seat car

… Childcare payments to grandparents caring for grandchildren

… Family leave for working grandparents to help with newborn grandchildren

… Beginning in 2022, no income tax for those under 25

… suspension of student debt repayments for women while they are having children [ Breitbart ]

… cancelling of debts for women who have at least three children [ Breitbart ]

… Methinks the Hungarians are on to something. Children are a blessing