NOT “father/mother” but “CAREGIVER, care provider”

… published a guide to “inclusive language,”

… published this month “for official use only,”

… details what terms bureaucrats should use or avoid

… The guide includes a list of 104 different terms

… “Husband” and “wife,” for example, should be replaced with “spouse, partner, significant other,”

… “Daughter” and “son” should also be replaced with “child” or “kid”

… refer to everyone with the pronouns “they/them” to “avoid making assumptions.”

… The plural pronoun is said to be a superior alternative to the phrase “he or she,”

… because [ that phrase ] implies “an exclusively binary nature of gender”

… Phrases such as “ladies and gents” are seen as problematic

… asking speakers to instead address crowds with “hey team.”

… to avoid “terms that imply binaries” like “opposite sex” and “opposite gender,”

… “staff should always use the person’s identified pronouns,”

… “Staff should refrain from the term ‘preferred pronouns’

because it implies a choice about one’s gender”

… eliminating the use of gendered honorifics entirely … like “Mr.” and “Ms.”

… Replace “Aunt/Uncle” with “Parent’s sibling”

… Replace “male” with “all genders”

… Replace “ladies” with “everyone”

… Replace “gay” with “LGBTQIA+ person”

… Replace “opposite sex” with “different sex”

… Replace “woman/women” with “person, people, individual, individuals”

… Replace “father/mother” with “parent, caregiver, care provider”


            Inclusive Language Guide