Orban: NO policies that “threaten to IMPOVERISH Hungarian FAMILIES”

… has hit back at a letter addressed to him by 44 MEPs

… vowing to continue rejecting proposals that “run counter to common sense and threaten to impoverish Hungarian and European families.”

… “We want peace. The armed conflict must end, and the disputes must be settled through negotiation

… 800,000 refugees have arrived in Hungary from Ukraine

… have been provided with food, accommodation, and medicine

… We are providing education for children and work for adults

… Tens of thousands of Hungarians have received refugees into their homes, collected donations, and volunteered

… we have sent and continue to send humanitarian aid, donations, food, fuel, and medicine to Ukraine

… with the “consensual principle that the sanctions imposed should not do us more harm than Russia.”

… other countries also received an exemption due to their reliance on Russian oil, namely Slovakia and the Czech Republic

… MEPs have not yet directed any similar letter to those governments

… one notable Orbán critic, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, acknowledged that Orbán was right to carve out an oil embargo exemption for his nation given its reliance on Russian energy