Pro-vax Catholic media being paid by Soros and Gates

… A well-documented investigation by the American website Church Militant reveals

… Google, Soros, and Bill Gates finance the Catholic pro-vax media

… oppose those in the Church who are not aligned with the pro-vax message

… leading … is the website Aleteia

… The consortium, which includes some thirty publications

… shared the 3 million dollars made available by the Google News Initiative

… Google is worried about those who question the narrative according to which the vaccine is the only salvation of mankind

… as of 2019 Google’s sister-company” … Verily, which deals with health

… has a strategic alliance” with large pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer

… Verily is currently a a partner of Pfizer … in the study of the long-term safety of Covid vaccines

… Curiously, no one suspects that there is any conflict of interest

… need to crush any resistance to vaccines among Catholics, one cannot be too subtle

… advised by a Spanish research institute, the Instituto de Salud Global (ISGlobal) in Barcelona

… has received $57 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and $150 thousand from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

… in the scientific Committee organised by we actually find three members of the Pontifical Academy for Life

… National Catholic Register … had published a detailed list of 48 cases of American children who died after being inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine

… Summing up: there is a group of Catholic media, linked to the Holy See, who are part of a project to silence non-aligned Catholic journalists

… What shall we call it? Conflict of interest? Fraud? Treason? Shame? Scandal? Take your pick


            Church Militant