Rumble Says “NO” to French GOVERNMENT Censorship

… The Rumble video platform has taken a strong stance in defense of free speech

… “the French Government demanded that we remove certain Russian news sources from Rumble”

… “As part of our mission to restore a free and open internet

… we have committed not to move the goalposts on our content policies”

… “Accordingly, we have decided to disable access to Rumble for users in France

… while we challenge the legality of the government’s demands”

… “The French people, however, will lose access to a wide range of Rumble content because of these government demands

… We hope the French government reconsiders its decision so we can restore access soon”    [ Rumble communication on Twitter ]

…Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski: “The French Government has demanded that Rumble block Russian news sources”    [ Tweet Chris Pavlovski ]

… being transparent and making the demand from the French government public, raises a few questions

… highly unlikely that Rumble is the only tech platform the French government have contacted with their demands

… What did the other platform providers do?

… How many other ‘western‘ governments make demands on content from Big Tech platform providers that we do not know about?

… Why would any social media platform, at any scale and on any level, be in any relationship with the United States, or any, government?


                            Rumble communication on Twitter


                          Tweet Chris Pavlovski