… born in Lisbon on August 15, 1195, to a wealthy family who had baptized him with the name of Fernando

… sent by Saint Francis to Morocco to convert the Muslims to Christ, had been beheaded

… Desiring the grace of martyrdom, he obtained to go with a confrere to Morocco

… the “Eucharistic miracle of Rimini”, also called “of the mule”

… was called “Hammer of Heretics”

… “To Brother Anthony, my bishop, Brother Francis wishes you health”

… Mary, which Anthony called “Masterpiece of the Most High”

… sure of her Assumption in body and soul, more than seven centuries before the solemn proclamation of the dogma [ Munificentissimus Deus ]

Doctor Evangelicus, officially declaring him Doctor of the Church [ Exulta Lusitania felix ]

… the fastest canonization process in history, thanks also to the 53 miracles

… with the door ajar, saw a very intense light: it was the Baby Jesus, in Anthony’s arms



                  Munificentissimus Deus


            Exulta Lusitania felix