So many lies about Covid and Africa

… where and from whom does he get his information? How is it possible that a man in his position can appear at an international meeting without having first done his own research?

… On 25 March, the WHO reported that there were at least 3,036,768 official cases in Africa and “no more than 4,000,000.”

… also reported 76,912 deaths (a maximum of 100,000)

… received more than 15 million

… only 736,000 doses had been administered

… much less stringent quarantine and social distancing measures than elsewhere

… “We have had a number of viral diseases, including Aids and measles. Our economy must come first. It must not sleep… Life must go on.”

… A total of 70% of people living with HIV-AIDS and 25% with tuberculosis are African

… 94% of cases (230 million) and deaths (over 400,000) of malaria

… “but considering the percentage of people who are cured [with therapeutics], which is 96%, we have decided to wait.” 

… As of 27 March, official figures reveal only 2,657 Covid infections and six deaths, or just 0.5 deaths per million inhabitants. Although these figures might be a little underestimated, they still prove that Minister Ndikumana is right