Thanks to Trump: 17 uncompromising pro-lifers elected


… One sure thing has surfaced in the aftermath of the U.S. elections: a victory that no major television network has highlighted

… brought 17 newly elected warriors to the fight for life and the family

… Eight of the 17 newly elected congresswomen flipped seats previously held by Democrats

… denial of the unhealthy idea that women are for abortion and that those who reject it are marginalised

… not only will all of Trump’s pro-life measures be nullified, but also that the murder of innocent lives will be promoted on a global scale

… The appointment of Ronald Klain (a self-proclaimed “NARAL Army soldier”)

David Kessler (who authorised the general sale of the abortion pill) as Co-Chairman of Biden’s anti-Covid task force

… Did the pope and his associates not know this? Perhaps, in addition to talking about the environment and poverty, a word could have been said about the human dignity of conceived children?



                        Ronald Klain


                        David Kessler