The next DYSTOPIA: GOOGLE to introduce BEHAVIORAL “interventions”

… if these “interventions” are used as directed

… could “teach” users to the degree they will become resilient to online harms

… users can be “immunized.”

… “reminding individuals to think about accuracy when they might be about to engage with false information”

… thanks to Google’s unit called Jigsaw, set up to “explore threats to open societies”

… could be a powerful way to reduce “misinformation” simply by reminding internet users to think about accuracy    [ Jigsaw, Test Covid 2021 ]

… in other words, goading them until they move to where you want them to go

… There’s even an attempt to guilt-trip users into thinking they are helping spread “misinformation by being prone to distractions”

… if a user scrolls through a feed they may encounter “potential misinformation.”

… That would then activate “an accuracy prompt”

… that would partially cover the information already labeled as misinformation

… The prompt contains a short explanation as to why a user is seeing it

… a user’s attention is now supposed to shift from the content they wanted to see, to the prompt

… the user’s attention is now all on the “reminder” with the content left far behind

… the next time they encounter similar content, the hope is they will “think twice”

… the results of those experiments Google (Jigsaw) says have been carried out together with MIT and the University of Regina

… “Those who received accuracy tips were 50% more discerning in sharing habits versus users who did not”

… See the full details here


                Jigsaw, Test Covid 2021