Thousands more people than usual are dying … but it’s not from Covid

… a second health crisis is quietly emerging in Britain

thousands of excess deaths that were not caused by coronavirus

… 48 per cent (4,635) were not caused by Covid-19

… an estimated 23 million fewer GP consultations – both in-person and online, in 2020 compared with 2019

… patients were arriving at A&E with serious conditions that had worsened during the pandemic

… flu at increased levels this year because immunity to influenza will have waned

… “It’s worse this year than I think I remember at any point in the last 20 years.”

… The country is also suffering because of a lack of immunity

… lockdowns, social distancing, isolation and masks kept Covid-19 down, it also prevented other diseases from circulating

… locking down the country again this winter, mandating masks and work from home rules

… The Covid-19 response may have inadvertently created an ongoing health crisis from which there is no way back