… Since Russia began its invasion, the U.S. has contributed to an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine

… with the narrative that Russia’s motives and intentions are groundless, evil, and even genocidal

… has made honest conversation about the history, motives, and inevitable geopolitical and economic consequences of the conflict impossible

… the U.S. chose to pour fuel on the fire in the form of more funding, weapons, equipment, and technical support

… without which Ukraine would have been forced to negotiate, perhaps even averting the war

… The strategic, industrial, economic, political, and military situation in Ukraine—and in Europe—is deteriorating significantly

… Russia remains the third-largest supplier of gas for the European continent

… Europe, had to pay 10 times the market price to bolster their reserves

… But it’s not nearly enough

… a huge number of industrial closures, including in Germany

… what many of us had been saying since September; that the Biden administration was responsible for the Nord Stream sabotage

… If he knew about it, Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, may be guilty of colluding with President Joe Biden

… committing what even the U.S. defines as a major act of terrorism

… In Ukraine, the situation is desperate

… An estimated 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or wounded since the war began

… ongoing destruction of its infrastructure … A third of the Ukrainian population has been displaced already

… A third of the electric power grid is down

… Ukraine’s U.S.- and U.K.-supplied artillery shells, for example, are running low

… while Russia is in full-throttle shell production mode, with an artillery advantage of three to one

… Satellite imagery tells the true story of the cost of this war. At night, Ukraine is as dark as the Black Sea

… The only way out is a mediated settlement

… Ukraine and Russia are neighbors and will always be, and they share a great deal. It is time to put an end to this tragedy