UK bishops make ‘carbon neutrality’ the focus of Pentecost letter

… the Catholic bishops of England, Wales, and Scotland have focused on care for the environment rather than the theological meaning of the feast

… “Pastoral Letter on the Environment for Pentecost,”

… “acutely aware of the damage” currently being “inflicted on the Earth”

… “the systematic exploitation of our planet and the unsustainable consumption of its resources

… by means which radically reduce the use of carbon-based fuels.”

… “choice of food, saving of water and electricity,”

… “have the power to make defining choices and policies which will help us build back better, provide for our brothers and sisters, and take care of our common home,”

… “‘renew the face of the earth,’” with reference to the environment

… This has got nothing to do with proclaiming the Gospel and the salvation of souls

… a Pentecost novena “on the care of creation,”

… “Enable us to succeed in listening and responding to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.” 

… their own environmental letter and by announcing the formation of a “Care of Creation Office

… “action is needed that is both urgent and deep rooted, particularly due to CO2 emissions.”



          Pastoral Letter


          Pentecost novena


        Care of Creation Office