… Sweden has in recent years suffered attacks involving bombs, hand grenades or other explosive devices on a weekly basis, sometimes several times a week

… In April 2022, several Swedish cities experienced violent riots and attacks against the police by Muslims

… “Segregation has been allowed to go so far that Sweden now has parallel societies,”

… “We live in the same country but in completely different realities”

… “Sweden has lost control over crime. While the violence is getting worse, the perpetrators are getting younger.”

… mainstream media outlets such as the BBC admit that Sweden has one of the highest rates of gun killings in Europe

… official Swedish government report published in 2021 stated that each year, four in every million inhabitants in Sweden die in shootings

… The European average is 1.6 people per million inhabitants

… 85% of suspects involved in fatal shootings in Sweden are either born abroad or come from an immigrant background

… Of the more than 8,200 people the Swedish police counted as being members of criminal gangs by late 2021, almost 15% were under the age of 18

… Prisons in Sweden are already overcrowded

… A disturbing number of murders are never solved, while many lesser crimes go nearly unpunished

… gone from being one of the safest countries in the world to being one of the most dangerous countries in Europe

… mass immigration has dramatically altered Sweden’s population

… 1.2 million of those eligible to vote in the elections in September 2022 were born outside Sweden

… about 200,000 more foreigners than in the previous election, in 2018

… is looking forward to “the great battle” when all non-Muslims will be forced to submit themselves to Muslims

… “Sweden is ours,” he said. “ It is ours, whether they [Swedes] like it or not. In ten to fifteen years, it is ours.”

… Sweden has both imported and exported Jihadists for years

… Some local municipalities even offered them free driving licenses and housing grants in an attempt to reintegrate these hardened Jihadists into Swedish society

… Sweden has one of the world’s worst recorded rape rates

… An official police report from 2019 indicated that Stockholm alone has at least 50 different criminal gangs currently operating in the city

… competing against one another for control over the local market of narcotics, protection money or other illegal activities

… They are spreading to smaller towns and even rural areas across Sweden

… Swedes who want their families to be safe from violent crime are running out of places to move to — unless they decide to leave their homeland behind entirely, as some are doing already