“What PEOPLE can and cannot BUY”

… On Friday 14th October, the IMF streamed a meeting called “Central Bank Digital Currencies for Financial Inclusion: Risks and Rewards.”

… “would allow targeted policy functions, like welfare payments, consumption coupons, food stamps, etc.”

… “With CBDCs, we can precisely control what people can and can’t own”

… “what kind of use this money can be programmed for, like food only.”

… “Digital identity verification is essential to the operation of CBDCs”

… “Tradable digital assets must be tied to a digital identity system”

… “which in turn should be tied to an automatic … verification system.”

… “example in China, those transaction data can be utilised by service providers in credit underwriting.”

… “transaction data in terms of how many coffees I drink every day, where I buy coffee, do I use UBER every day and what kind of working hours I have.”

… “Those non-traditional data can be very useful for financial service providers to give me a credit score”

… “worth to give up a little bit of privacy to get security”

They’re not joking! The parameters they set for CBDC digital currency will nudge our behaviours through social scoring, to control society


                  CBDC – The World Bank