03 21 1971, 51 years ago, climate scientists predicted a NEW ICE AGE was coming

… Climate change advocacy has evolved into a cult

… proclaiming that science shows we are all doomed

… unless we change our carbon emission habits

… We are told to “trust the science,” but what if that science is wrong?

… science predicted a new ice age on March 21, 1971   [ Parade ]

… In 1971, global cooling was the climate threat du jour

… National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stated that the planet’s temperature had decreased

… by “one-half a degree Fahrenheit” since World War II

… Europe “would be covered with the glaciers of a new ice age by the turn of the century.”

… “American and Danish weather researchers in North Greenland, drilling down through 1400 meters of ice

… found that cold and warm cycles run for an average of 78 to 180 years,”

… “On this basis, Dr. Rodewald does not foresee another warming trend before the year 2015.”

… Such claims are on par with the hysteria we experience in 2022, except they predict cooling instead of warming

…  the only consistency about climate science is its inconsistency

… It’s time to stop treating it like it is an absolute truth. If they were wrong before, there’s nothing to suggest they will not be wrong again