… was established as a community of sovereign nations

… ensure the free movement of people

… in peaceful cooperation

… The key premise … the respect for the sovereignty of the community’s member states

… undermined by the recent attempt at revision of the EU treaties [ P9_TA (2023)0427 ]

… abolish the sovereignty of nation-states

… will establish a European superstate

… provides … eliminate the right of veto in 10 areas

… fundamental to the independence, sovereignty and self-determination of nations:

  1.  border protection
  2. foreign policy
  3. security and national defense
  4. cross border infrastructure
  5. manufacturing
  6. health policy
  7. monetary policy
  8. environmental protection
  9. family law
  10. education

… a de facto liquidation of the European Union based on a community of free, independent, sovereign nations

… It will be replaced by a highly centralized European superstate

… encompassing provinces – former nation states

… domestic and foreign policies shall be determined outside of their borders and without regard for the will of their people

… shall require the approval of all EU states

… we demand … that reject the changes to the EU Treaties proposed by the European Parliament. There will be no unification of Europe without respect for the sovereignty of nation states!


            P9_TA (2023)0427


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