WEF (World Economic Forum): ABOLITION of ownership of private VEHICLES, and not only?

… will need large supplies of critical metals such as cobalt, lithium, nickel

… One obvious route is to mine more virgin material

… this comes with its own costs and potentially unintended consequences

… Another solution commonly discussed is to recycle more

…  we do not currently have enough metals in circulation

… even with recycling taken into consideration, mineral production is still forecasted to increase by nearly 500%

… The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time

… most already have a personal phone

39% of workers globally have employer-provided laptops and mobile phones

… This is not at all resource efficient

… sharing can reduce ownership of idle equipment and thus material usage

… enable a broader transition from ownership to usership

user profiles that create a distinction for work and personal use on the same device

… needed to reduce the number of devices per person

… This is the mindset needed to redesign cities to reduce private vehicles