“A HIGHER MORTALITY rate from UNRELATED diseases and infections by SUPPRESSING the immune system”

    Contrary to the long-held belief

that the effects of vaccines are specific for the disease they were created

… vaccines can exert positive or deleterious non-specific effects (NSEs)

… we compiled research reports from the last 40 years

… on the non-specific effects (NSEs) of the most common human vaccines

… showed that live vaccines induce positive NSEs

… non-live vaccines induce several negative NSEs

… including increased female mortality

… enhanced susceptibility to other infectious diseases

… especially in developing countries

… negative NSEs … also by repeated vaccination

… High IgG4 antibody levels generated in response to repeated inoculation with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

… a higher mortality rate from unrelated diseases and infections by suppressing the immune system

… most COVID-19 vaccinated countries are reporting high percentages of excess mortality not directly attributable to deaths from such disease