Alternatives to traditional burial methods

… makes burial practices a significant environmental issue

… Natural resources are used to produce caskets

… a single cremation uses about 30 gallons of fuel

… both the burning and the body itself release pollutants into the air

… no embalming or vaults, biodegradable burial containers, and no headstone

… But it still uses up land

… to liquify a corpse in a matter of hours, which can then be safely poured in the ground

… recompositing: The body is placed in a container, covered with wood chips, straw and alfalfa

… After a month, it results in soil

… dressing it up like a child’s doll, and applying make-up to it?

… is it more offensive than the Church practice of cutting a saint’s body into pieces for relics?

… isn’t traditional burial disrespectful to God’s good, green earth?