Britain REVOKES mandatory Covid shots for HEALTH workers


… a requirement for health workers to have a COVID-19 vaccination would no longer be introduced in April

… and care home workers would no longer be required to have the shots from March 15

… the government intended to revoke the regulations, subject to consultation


… Regulations making vaccination a requirement for patient-facing healthcare staff … were due to come into force on 1 April

… and a House of Commons vote

… confirmed it will “bring forward regulations to revoke vaccination as a condition of deployment”

… the new regulations will come into force on 15 March

… “in order to provide certainty for employers, their staff, patients and people who receive care or support ahead of 1 April”

… 90,000 consultation responses, 90% of respondents supported revoking the mandate

… NHS England said last month that GP practices should get in touch with staff who quit over the Covid vaccine mandate to discuss reinstating them in their role

… There had been fears that up to 3,000 GP staff would have had to be dismissed




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