Covid vaccine injuries: the german pathologists’ FINDINGS

… tissue samples of about two dozen people who had died after covid vaccination

… vaccine-induced spike protein in the endothelium (inner lining) of blood vessels for at least four months after vaccination

… the spike protein triggered local inflammation and lymphocyte (immune cell) infiltration

… that caused endothelial damage (endotheliitis) in blood vessels

… thrombus formation (i.e. blood clots) or to the rupture of blood vessels

… coalesced nano lipid particles from mRNA vaccines

… cases of severe heart muscle inflammation

… if the endothelial cells absorbed spike protein that was produced at the vaccine injection site (i.e. in muscle cells)

… or if they absorbed leaked vaccine mRNA and produced the spike protein locally themselves

… Previous studies showed that both vaccine mRNA and spike protein do indeed get distributed throughout the body

… concluded that these people likely (80%) or possibly (15%) died from vaccine-induced endothelial damage

… caused blood clots, stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrest or organ failure

… In contrast, prior official forensic examinations reported the cause of death to be “natural” or “unclear” in all cases

… The most important question, however, may be this:

… cause such endothelial injuries only in a few unlucky people, who then suffer severe or fatal adverse events within days or weeks

… or do these vaccines cause such endothelial damage in larger segments of the population, but only a few people suffer immediate adverse events (e.g. frail people and active athletes)

… while many others might suffer subclinical long-term damage that could cause health issues months or even years later (e.g. premature heart attacks)?

… The people whose tissues the German pathologists examined had been vaccinated but had not had covid

… the overall long-term health risks of covid vaccines appear to outweigh any covid-related health benefits, especially since vaccination cannot prevent coronavirus infection


The microscope images were taken by the German pathologists. Blue dots indicate lmphocyte infiltration (i.e. inflammation), brown staining is vaccine-induced spike protein