A decline of $196.05 BILLION – or a 56% DROP

… In a new corporate disclosure, Disney acknowledges

… “misalignment with public and consumer tastes”

… “which impact … the profitability of any of our businesses”

… “risks related to changes in our business strategy”

… “may continue to affect our cost structure”

… “the profitability of our businesses or the value of our assets”

Customers have been fleeing Disney+ and Hulu in the wake of nationwide boycotts

… Disney stock had a hit a 9-year low

… from $350.09 billion March 22, 2022

… to $154.04 billion

… a decline of $196.05 billion – or a 56% drop

… “our entertainment offerings and products … do not achieve sufficient consumer acceptance”

… “our efforts to achieve certain of our environmental and social goals”

… “often differ widely”

… “present risks to our reputation and brands”

… lost $1 billion on “recent ‘woke’ movie flops

… empty virtue signaling and endless attempts to indoctrinate children

… publicly declares its opposition to a popular parental rights bill in Florida

… The summer release of the new “Snow White” – which included seven dwarfs replaced with magical creatures of multiple genders – was postponed until March 2025


            Corporate disclosure, SEC