Don’t Eat Insects! They Are Sentient … but fetuses can also feel pain. That’s sentience, too

… Rejecting human exceptionalism turns the world upside down and people’s brains inside out

… the supposed personhood of peas

… global warming caused by cow flatulence

… such a plan would kill trillions of sentient beings! … “Don’t Farm Bugs

… baking, boiling, freezing and shredding

… are free to kill the insects in whatever manner is most efficient

… killing more than a quadrillion insects every year with agricultural pesticides

… a common symptom of human depression

… also characters in video games or digital assistants in phones

… we really should adopt a presumption against harming them both, in the spirit of caution

… A fly is indeed sentient. So are oysters

… what the authors think about late-term abortion, given that fetuses can feel pain. That’s sentience, too

… PETA opposes honey because it involves “raping” the queen bees

… don’t say it will never happen. Think of what we laughed at 50 years ago that is now such hard dogma that having a heterodox view can lead to losing your job