German schism widens: Communion to Protestants

… twelve female aspiring priests preached during Eucharistic celebrations

… a Catholic Mass, a Protestant Eucharistic Service, a celebration by the free evangelical churches, and Orthodox Vespers

… “licitly administer the sacraments to the Catholic faithful alone, who likewise receive them licitly from Catholic ministers alone” [ Can 844 §1 ]

… when there is a real need and it is impossible to have access to a Catholic minister

… also from non-Catholic ministers, “in whose Church the aforementioned sacraments are valid” [ Can 844 §2 ]

… “provided that they manifest Catholic faith in  respect to these sacraments and are properly disposed” [ Can 844 §4 ]

…a grave spiritual need for the eternal salvation of an individual believer, not to bring about an intercommunion [ Ecclesia de Eucharistia n. 45

… the divine law was violated

… The Christian faith has become an empty box, to be filled at will



          Can 844


          Ecclesia de Eucharistia