“Has had a HEART ATTACK … I DON’T want to be worrying about the BATTERY”

… above patient safety

… patients will be forced to wait longer because of the hours lost recharging the vehicles

… concern about coverage of rural areas

… to pursue an environmental agenda means every medicine and product has to undergo an “evergreen assessment”

… devices such as plastic cannulas were routinely being rejected on environmental grounds

… with every NHS supplier asked to draw up a carbon reduction plan

… include “climate-friendly pain relief” for mothers in labour

… chemotherapy deliveries and GP visits via e- bikes

… electric ambulances … at a cost of around £150,000 each

… The West Midlands has already introduced the vehicles

… West Midlands Ambulance Service revealed major concerns

… found the ambulances took up to four hours to charge

… travelled an average of 70 miles between charging

… Standard ambulances can cover up to 800 miles a day and be filled up in just minutes

… “If I have got a very sick patient, someone who has had a heart attack and I am trying to get them to hospital I don’t want to be worrying about the battery.”

… “that climate concerns and green zealotry should come before what is best for patients boggles the mind”

… “decarbonise” the inhalers of around five million patients with asthma

… elderly, very young, or have severe asthma, may “find it hard” to use the dry powder versions

… because they require a strong inhalation force and new technique

… GPs have also been using e-bikes to carry out home visits

… despite warnings from authorities about the safety of the bikes

… can “start incredibly ferocious fires”

… The service said it was called to put out an e-bike fire every other day on average in 2023