Havila: ‘BAN ON ELECTRIC cars on our ships’

… the Norwegian shipping company Havila has become the first company to prohibit EV cars on their ferries

… the sinking of the ferry “Felicity Ace” last year, which resulted from a fire of EV car batteries

… If a car starts to burn, the fire can no longer be extinguished.

…  the fire of an electric car requires a particularly complex rescue operation

… Passengers would also be at risk. It is different with vehicles with internal combustion engines    [ Junge Freiheit ]

… When Hurricane Ian ravaged Florida in 2022

… many water-logged EV cars caught fire and were very difficult to put out

… can take hours to put the conflagrations out

… “As those batteries corrode, fires start.”      [ New York Post ]


                               Junge Freiheit


                      New York Post