Holocaust: The KEY role of DOCTORS

28 novembre 2023

8 novembre 2023

… Eugenetics, forced sterilizations, mass murders

… a mistake to think that this violence was carried out only by a small minority

… A new study published in The Lancet

… a very different (and disturbing) story about the work of doctors

… a commission made up of twenty researchers from various international universities

… studying the relationship between medicine, Nazism and the Holocaust

… a rigorous examination of historical sources

… the role played by health workers … is highlighted

… in formulating, supporting and implementing the genocide policies of the Nazi dictatorship

… The numbers that emerged are eloquent

… in 1945, the German doctors enrolled in the party were between 50% and 65% of the total

… a much higher percentage than that of all the other major academic professions

… the Commission disavowed a number of clichés

… the one that the only culprits for medical crimes were few “etremists”

… or doctors forced by force to violate elementary ethical standards

… accepted without too much protest the new “code of conduct” of Nazism

… practices such as euthanasia, sterilizations and brutal experiments

… turned them, in fact, into human guinea pigs

… The bodies of the victims were used for research and teaching

… some remains were sometimes preserved in scientific collections

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                      The Lancet

                      The Lancet – Supplementary appendix