Homosexual Blessings. The Pope Takes Back the Ban, When Instead in the Year 2000…

… Does or does not Francis share this “Responsum” of the congregation that watches over the correct doctrine of the Church?

… to “approve,” meaning to make the decision his own, and to “order” that it be published

… At the Angelus on Sunday March 21 he added a couple of glosses

… “not with theoretical condemnations, but with gestures of love”

… “claims of legalism or clerical moralism”

… in the magazine of the New York Jesuits “America” and in the Buenos Aires newspaper “La Nación.”

… already happened with Eucharistic communion shared between Catholics and Protestants, after his memorable “yes, no, I don’t know, do it yourselves” 

… The subject of the dispute was a declaration, “Dominus Iesus,” signed by Ratzinger

… It had to be completely unmistakable that he approved the document unconditionally







        Angelus   21 03 2021


                   America magazine


                          La Nación


        Dominus Iesus