Horowitz: Irish county with 99.7% vaccination rate has highest COVID case rate

… 99.7% of adults in the Irish county of Waterford having received the COVID shots

… the highest per-capita case rate of COVID anywhere in the country

… case rate is three times the national average

… despite 91% of Irish adults being vaccinated

… “from having one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 infection in Ireland to one of the highest.”

… “After vaccinating over 85% of its population, Singapore finally flattened the curve, but along the wrong axis”

… it’s not just mild cases

… Ireland has the highest number of people in the hospital with COVID since March, and the trajectory is getting worse

…  the highest vaccination rate in the EU – over 90% of those over 16

… He then proceeded to blame the unvaccinated! 

… wasn’t the vaccine designed to protect “the most vulnerable?”

… A new study from Sweden published as a preprint in the Lancet

… “The effectiveness against severe illness seems to remain high through 9 months

… not for men, older frail individuals, and individuals with comorbidities”

… no matter how much the vaccines make the virus worse, you can always vaccinate more! So long as there is a single human being who didn’t receive the latest number shot