NHS: “There is NOT enough evidence to support the SAFETY or clinical EFFECTIVENESS”

… will no longer be given puberty blockers

… There is not enough evidence … to justify prescribing them    [ NHS, p. 3 ]

… The government welcomed NHS England’s “landmark decision”

… “in the best interests of children”

… Puberty blockers arrest the physical changes in a child’s body that puberty brings

… such as the development of breasts or facial hair

… children and young people will only be able to get them if they are taking part in a clinical trial

… they were provided for the whole of England solely by the NHS’s Tavistock and Portman mental health trust in London

… The trust’s gender identity development service is closing at the end of this month

… two new centres will open in April at two specialist children’s hospitals

… “fundamentally different from the current service, in line with the Cass recommendations”    [ NICE ]

… “The significance of NHS England’s statement … cannot be overstated, given the success that lobby … have had in portraying them as a harmless and reversible treatment.”






                        The Cass Review